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escape into the rainforest of Nicaragua
for a nature immersion yoga retreat 

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7 Day All Inclusive Yoga Retreat

Macizo Peñas Blancas, Nicaragua
July 16th - 23rd, 2023

What's Included?

  • 7 nights accommodation

  • transfer to and from Managua

  • 3 vegetarian meals a day

  • daily yoga & meditation classes

  • sound healing & music circles

  • all nature tours and activities

  • Temazcal ceremony

  • 1 massage 

What's Not Included?

  • airfare

  • airport transfer to hotel in Managua 

  • 1st night accommodation in Managua on July 15th

* Our shuttle to Macizo will pick the group up from Managua at 8:00 AM on July 16th. The shuttle will transport you back to Managua airport by 12:00 PM on July 23rd. Please plan arrivals and departures accordingly.

Envision a whole week to harmonize with...

harmonize (12).png
harmonize (13).png
harmonize (14).png

A day at a glance 




7:30 AM Yoga and Meditation

9:00 AM Vegetarian Breakfast

10:30 Waterfall/Mountain Walk

1:00 PM Vegetarian Lunch

2:30 PM Down Time or Workshop

4:30 PM Evening Circle- Sound Healing/Music/Movement

6:30 PM Vegetarian Dinner

7:30 PM Rest

El Tucan 

Shared Room (for 2)

2 Single beds OR 1 King bed 

Private bathroom


El Aguila

Shared Room (for 2) 

2 Single beds OR 1 King bed 

Private bathroom

 Price: $1,100

per person

(Normally $1,500!)

El Gallo

Couples Shared Room (for 2)

1 Double bed

Private bathroom


La Vista

Shared Room (for 4)

4 Single beds

Shared bathroom

  Price: $900

per person *only 3 bed left

(Normally $1,300!)

Stay in the cloud forest at ecolodge
Reserva Los Nogales

Our intention is to create an ACCESSIBLE retreat for people to connect with themselves and the local culture while discovering the VITAL importance of living in harmony with nature. 

For our 1st retreat we are offering a MUCH LOWER price to ensure that we can bring this experience to life and plant the seed
 for many more to come.

Snag your limited space with the LOWEST price you'll ever see us offer!

Please fill out an application and we will give you call as soon as we can. 

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Fill out an Application  




Non-Refundable Deposit of

$300 due: June 16th


Remaining balance due: July 1st 

*We are flexible with payment plans, just ask!*

Any cancellation after July 1st is non-refundable.

Terms & Conditions

Meet your retreat leaders

Amber & Jairo

Amber and Jairo are a married couple with adventurous spirits and giving hearts. Amber a yoga instructor from the U.S. and Jairo a man of many trades from Nicaragua. After a few years of living in Costa Rica and building conscious community, we felt the call to  discover other cultures and places in which we could get involved and expand our world views. We hit the road for a few months in our 1971 Volkswagon Combi, traveling through Nicaragua and looking for that special place that lit a fire in our hearts. We knew there was a reason we felt called to the mountains at Macizo Peñas Blancas. 


Upon meeting the locals and seeing the enchanted forest, we immediately knew that this would be our place. We spent 2 life changing weeks of rural living with Don Chico's family, learning about the land, and frequently visiting Reserva Los Nogales to gather in song, yoga, and be a part of their amazing projects. We spent our time there fully immersed in nature, detoxing from WiFi, alcohol, and all other distractions. We hiked the mountains to pure, clear swimming holes, and walked through tree trunks bigger than cars. We ate flowers from the tree and gave offerings of sacred tobacco. First hand, experiencing the healing powers of nature, we knew that one day we would bring a special group of people here that needed to feel nature's medicine.

Our Harmonize Retreat was organically born through a love for this forest, the warmth of the people, and a passion for showing others how it feels to live in harmony with nature and your true essence.


Staying at Ecolodge Reserva Los Nogales you'll meet some other amazing practitioners, musicians, and volunteers that will help make your stay one to remember. We will partner with Don Chico and his knowledgeable and warm family to embark on many nature tours in which you'll gain a new perspective of how nature is medicine and why we must dutifully protect the land.


Amber will create a safe container for you to harmonize your mind, body, and spirit with daily yoga, meditation, and a variety of group bonding activities. Jairo will familiarize you with his rich Nicaraguan culture as he accompanies you on nature tours and helps translate the various cultural exchanges you'll encounter during the week. Together we make a conscious team of retreat guides and nature keepers. We can't wait to spend a magical week with you at Macizo Peñas Blancas.

When Don Chico and his family discovered the rainforest in Macizo, they saw a great opportunity for grazing land, as well as a place to grow coffee and banana trees. This of course meant that they'd have to cut acres and acres of forest to start benefitting from their new land. After clearing the land, they still struggled to survive as the coffee industry wasn't paying as they expected.


One day Don Chico woke up and saw just how much destruction they had done- killing trees, poisoning the water, and displacing many animals from their habitats- and at what cost? He realized that their small benefit came with a much bigger consequence to one thing they all relied on- nature. He suddenly wanted to reverse the effects. With this big decision and shift in mindset, he told his family that they were going to let nature take back what was hers.


With hands off, slowly the nature started to reclaim the land. As soon as they gave the opportunity back to Mother Nature, she began her own process to recover her forest. The death of thousands of trees was now the fertile soil for the birth of the secondary forest. From the ants and the birds to the sloths and the jaguars, each played a significant role to bring balance back to the land. With patience and wisdom, harmony was restored. 

Now when you visit Macizo you can see Don Chico at 84 years old, whistling and milking his cows before he gets ready to take new visitors on their 6 hour hike through the nature reserve. He walks this forest with pride for helping save her- the one that gives pure life to his family and community. 

Sometimes when we think of only our own benefit, we can't see how our decisions are impacting the greater good. Nature is what sustains us. In the most chaotic moment of your life, I guarantee you're the most disconnected from nature. Nature shows us how to live in perfect harmony. Nature heals. Nature teaches us that force and personal gain will only bring us farther from ourselves.


Our hope is that our Harmonize Retreat will teach you that it's never too late to recover your connection with your most pure and true essence- your nature. 

So what's the inspiration behind  Harmonize?

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