Being in flow with the Universe is only possible when we have an open heart and grounded feet. My mission is to help you stop searching and start living in your natural flow. Come Flow with Amber and I'll help you move your energy from your Root Chakra Muladhara, where you feel stability- to your Crown Chakra Sahasrara, where you feel awakened to your infinite nature of existence. Let me, a Certified Yoga Teacher, guide you in movement with Hatha and Yin Yoga, meditation in nature, and the space to manifest your highest good by being in your natural energetic flow. I'm honored to do this transformative work! 



I will be traveling back to Arizona to visit my family from December 8th-30th. All in person, Samara classes will be cancelled until I return.

Please continue your practice while I'm gone! I have 2 amazing friends and experienced yoga instructors I'd love for you to check out. 

Laura Waite teaches a 90 minute Vinyasa Flow Tuesdays and Fridays 8:30 AM at the CRSMT.  

Find her contact information at http://mandalacr.com/ and reserve your spot! 

Kelly Jones teaches a 90 minute Vinyasa Flow Wednesdays and Fridays 8:30 AM at Tico Adventure Lodge. Find her contact information at https://www.chillasanayogasurf.com/yoga and reserve your spot!

I will continue to provide Zoom Classes December 11th, 14th, 16th, 18th, 21st, and 23rd.

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Mondays & Wednesdays
9:30-10:30 AM (Costa Rica Time)
Online Zoom & in person at CRSMT, Samara
Hatha Flow


Schedule with me
Customizable practice
Online or In Person
$30 an hour



Customizable Daily Affirmations Lock Screen

Do you use affirmations to create positive changes in your life? If only we spent as much time with our positive thoughts as we did on our phones, we would make some momentous shifts. With this adorable Chakra Affirmation inspired lock screen, you will be reminded of your personal affirmations each time you pick up your phone. Work with me to write affirmations for each Chakra, or purchase the template and change your affirmations as often as you'd like.

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Hear What Others Have to Say


The new journey began in January 2020, Playa Samara Cangreal Park. As I sat pondering/ praying how I was to find me and my inner strength an angel of light walked in front of me and introduced herself as Amber. .... The last 8 months have been such a incredible blessing. My soul strength my physical strength my truth awakened. We are each uniquely created by our Creator. Amber's talent of teaching yoga, setting intentions place you in a journey to understand your unique self and the respect of uniqueness of those set in your daily path. And when you become stronger you can give more grace to those around you. Thank you Amber ( vessel of Light)

Dot Mollenkamp -On Yoga by the Sea


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