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Chakra Video Series

Do you feel like your energy is being directed in all the WRONG places?

Or maybe that you don't have enough energy to begin with?

Low energy is a sign that your Prana (life force) is hitting a wall in your Chakra system! Chakras (energetic wheels) spin and emit energy up and down the spine as they pass through the 7 main Chakras. When you're not living intentionally you may have excess energy built up in one Chakra and the others are left depleted.


Let's say you're in a tough financial situation and your Root Chakra is kicking it into high gear trying to find safety and stability, but you're living in such a lack mindset that all of that energy is sitting at the base of your spin, keeping you sitting on your butt in total fear mode! YIKES.

Well your upper Chakras aren't going to receive any of that juicy prana flow! You probably will close your Heart Chakra and stop giving to others, because HELLO! There isn't enough for me, so how could I possibly share?! And your Crown Chakra is totally closed because you don't believe you can manifest or change anything about your situation. URGH.


Each and every Chakra is going to be affected because the Prana will be overflowing into one aspect of your life, and leaving the others totally out of balance!

BUT THERE'S HOPE! In my 7 video Chakra Series you will learn the theory of each Chakra before jumping into a  yoga flow to get the gears moving again. At the end of your flow you'll get some journal prompts to reflect on how balanced that specific Chakra is! Change happens with attention and awareness and this video series will help with just that!