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Spinal Health Series

Commit to your spinal health! Your spine is your body's central support system, and if you've ever suffered from back pain you know that you're only as young as your spine is flexible! Yoga is an amazing practice because it takes the spine through all 3 planes of motion.


Without an intentional practice like yoga, we generally move through life in the sagittal plane. this is forward and backward movement like walking, sitting, bending down or reaching up. Our muscles become tense and short when we get "stuck" in one plane of motion. But motion can happen over multiple planes like reaching up (sagittal plane) and twisting to the right (transverse plane) to pull something down. If you've ever thrown your back out it was probably because you weren't used to the multidimensional motion that you asked your body to do!

The planes of motion workshop will teach you how to safely move your spine in each yoga posture, as well as a simple yoga sequence that takes the spine through all planes of motion so that you can immediately start a healthy routine! Followed by 3 Hatha Flow classes to promote coordination, realign the spine, increase your range of motion, and build joint stability. I hope you'll join for this informative and beneficial series!






*Scroll down below the videos to see a photo series of the step by step sequence for a healthy spine!