For the next few months, each online yoga class will explore different themes and end with a group reflection with questions from the book "The Power of Our Way" by Anita Pathik Law. Please come join the discussion!

2/26 BALANCE: Where would you love to create balance in your life? What is one thing you can choose to stop doing that would move your life's pendulum towards center? What is one thing you can choose to start doing that would assist in the creation of balance? What seems to be getting in the way?

3/1 PERCEPTION: How might you enter this day with a clear lens, one free of negative thoughts and perceptions? Everything we experience is filtered through our perceptions- the way we have come to see and interpret the world around us. What filters may be clouding your experience of the divine nature of your life?

3/3 GRATITUDE: How do you plan to share your gratitude and prosperity today? Make a list of 100 things you're grateful for! Share it with one person in your life. Don't edit- include everything that comes to mind. :) 

3/5 PEACE: How do you feel about the different names used to describe our connection to a "Higher Power?" Are you willing to consider all names (God, Vishnu, Universe, etc) are all describing a Universal connection to the same Higher Power, and are all paths to a higher state of consciousness? If we were able to all support and live by this belief what would be the impact? What keeps us from getting there?

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