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About Me

It's never too late to start again.

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Hola Yogis! :) I'm Amber! My roots are in Phoenix, Arizona and that is where I began my yoga practice in 2013. My roots were buried deep into the ground- in my home, my relationship, and my job status. My heart was closed off. Little did I know that while I was sitting at home planning every step of my life, the Universe was conspiring a new life for me. I had to trust and surrender.


In May of 2019 I left my job, relationship, and home to take a BIG LEAP. I signed up for a 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training in Montezuma, Costa Rica and booked a one way ticket. I had no plan beyond those 3 weeks, but the Universe had already woven the pieces to keep me in Costa Rica.


It was here in the jungle that I found my extreme happiness- my Ananda. I traveled solo for a month before arriving in the charming little town of Samara, Costa Rica.


I immediately felt ready to dive into teaching yoga on Playa Samara and living my truth. I started small, teaching yoga to a few people from my hostel on the beach for donations. I was enthralled with the idea that I was getting paid to do something that I loved so much! I committed to giving this yoga teaching thing a real shot! I started realizing that I could co-create my best life, doing all of the things that lit me up!

I became an established teacher and the students and opportunities started flooding in. Since 2019 I have taught in person and online classes, privates, workshop series, and even lead my first retreat! The Universe continues to provide for me as I walk this path with an open heart and grounded feet. After teaching in a few locations around Samara and running a studio space, I decided to step away from teaching daily yoga classes and focus on bringing people together for yoga retreats! 


For me, 2023 is the year of MOVEMENT. My husband, Jairo, and I packed up our lives in Samara and hit the road in our little Volkswagon Combi on the hunt for a perfect retreat location! It didn't take us long to find Los Nogales and Macizo de Peñas Blancas. This is where our spirits feel the most connected with nature and the Divine. We led a beautiful group of souls in our first Harmonize Nature Immersion Yoga Retreat for 7 transformative days in the cloud forest. Together we feel called to continue on this path of leading retreats and experiences for people to live as ONE with nature and to discover their pure potentiality. 


In this season we find ourselves settling down in Granada, Nicaragua and allowing the Universe to guide us into this next phase of life. I always have unique online offerings to stay connected with all of my favorite yogis and teach in person when there's a need! Let's stay connected, you may just be one of my next retreat guests! :) 

Love, Amber

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