It's never too late to start again.

Hola Yogis! :) I'm Amber! My roots are in Phoenix, Arizona and that is where I began my yoga practice in 2013. My roots were buried deep into the ground- in my home, my relationship, and my job status. My heart was closed off. Little did I know that while I was sitting at home planning every step of my life,

the Universe was conspiring a new life for me. I had to trust and surrender.

In May of 2019 I left my job, relationship, and home to took a BIG LEAP. I signed up for a 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training in Montezuma, Costa Rica and booked a one way ticket. I had no plan beyond those 3 weeks, but the Universe had already woven the pieces to keep me in Costa Rica.

It was here in the jungle that I found my extreme happiness- my Ananda. I traveled solo for a month before arriving in the charming little town of Samara, Costa Rica in July.

I immediately felt ready to dive into teaching yoga on Playa Samara and living my truth. I started small, teaching yoga to a few people from my hostel on the beach for donations. I was enthralled with the idea that I was getting paid to do something that I loved so much! I started to extend myself even more, creating a name, business cards, a website, logo, a schedule. I committed myself to giving this yoga teaching thing a real shot! I started realizing that I could co-create my best life, making choices not with my will but with thine will.

I became an established teacher and the students and opportunities started flooding in. I started teaching workshops, private lessons, and even retreats. The Universe continued to provide for me because I had an open heart and grounded feet. So here I am- spreading my light, living the Pura Vida, and trusting this path. My hope is that I can inspire you to do the same.