Healing Hearts Journal

Healing Hearts Journal

The HEALING ♡ HEARTS Journal seeks to courageously open your heart so that you can love yourself unconditionally.


I hope you can feel my heart's work as you write, draw, and heal through the pages. To create a heart healing experience, the journal should be completed in one or two sittings. Think of it like a mini yoga retreat, but on your terms. Grab a cup of coffee, set up a comfortable, quiet space in your house with all of your favorite pens, treasures, and incense. Play some soft music and begin to take your journey inward.


With inspirational quotes and thoughtful questions on every page, this simple yet beautiful journal includes 12 unique writing prompts/activities that will encourage you to be vulnerable. You'll even gain some yogic philosophy, as there are pages specific to opening the Heart Chakra, writing Sankalpas, and learning a new Meditation technique. If you feel like your life is out of alignment, this journal will bring you back to your authentic heart's desire.


Are you ready to surrender, forgive, love, align, manifest, flow, and receive? 

  • Tech Specs

    This 13 page product will be delivered as a digital/printable PDF file. 

    If you prefer a digital/editable Google Slides file, please fill out the contact form on my homepage with your Gmail account.