Affirmations Lock Screen

Affirmations Lock Screen

Do you use affirmations to create positive changes in your life? The first step to manifesting your dreams is the belief that you can! If only we spent as much time with our positive thoughts as we did on our phones, we would make some momentous shifts. With this adorable Chakra Affirmation inspired lock screen, you will be reminded of your personal affirmations each time you pick up your phone


There are a few options for you to fill out your affirmations!


-After you purchase you will receive a download with the blank Affirmation Lock Screen template. Use an APP like Canva to write in your own affirmations and change as often as you'd like. 


-If you would like your affirmations filled in similar to my example, please fill out the contact form with your 7 affirmations from Root to Crown Chakra. I will send you a text with your Affirmation Lock Screen after 1-3 business days.


-If you love the idea of using daily affirmations, but aren't sure where to start, fill out the contact form and schedule a free one on one session and we can work together to determine what affirmations work for you.


You can also check out my  blog titled "Daily Affirmations" or my Instagram page flowwithamber for some inspiration!

If you love the graphics by Natalie Linnea Homemade, check out some of her other creations:


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