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Is your energy low? Are your ambitions there but not easy to access? Do you have trouble taking actions towards changing your life? Do you spend a lot of time trying to blend in? Not wanting to shine too bright in case it makes others uncomfortable? If you answered YES to any of these questions then that is a sign that your Chakras are out of balance. 

Through 8 different workshops, Light Within will help you to overcome these fears and allow your gifts to shine. With the knowledge of the Chakra system you'll be able to use your intuition to determine what is out of balance, and with the tools I give you, how to bring it back into balance! I've delivered this course 3 times, and each time I witness profound change in the participants (keep reading for testimonial). This work is confronting and transformative!

The first class will be an overview of the energetic system, and the importance of finding balance in your feminine and masculine energy. You will understand how the currents of energy create liberation and manifestation when they are open and how exhausting life feels when they are blocked. The next 7 classes will be unique to each Chakra.

Each workshop will include chakra theory, chanting, an interactive activity and discussion, 45 minutes of yoga, and speed journal prompts that will uncover your fears and push you towards your light within.

Don't be surprised if we dance, sing, scream, cry, or create together. We will build a support system together and you will feel empowered to be the best version of you! At the end of the series you will have a wealth of knowledge, and the tools to balance and move your energy from your Root to your Crown Chakra, bringing alignment and energy back into your life!

Price: $200 for 8 classes

*Discount of $25 when you sign up with a friend. Use coupon code "CHAKRAFRIENDS" at checkout.

Start Date: June 9th

End Date: June 25th

When: Monday 3-5PM

Wednesday 5-7PM

Friday 3-5PM

Before the first class take the Chakra Quiz and email your results to

TESTIMONIAL: "By finally looking within and aligning my energy, it has had a ripple effect on every element of my life. I approach everything differently than I did a month ago. My eating habits have changed because I feel more in tune with the messages my body is telling me. I am not interested in alcohol or unhealthy food because I know they don’t make me feel nourished. I have become protective of my vibrations and aware of the people and situations with which I surround myself. I have approached problems with more patience and understanding. Most importantly, I feel like I have regained my sense of self. I have seen so much growth in my confidence, my self-love, my true inner voice. This workshop taught me to sit in silence with every part of myself: the hidden, the suppressed, the masks I show the world. It brought light to parts of me I didn’t even know I had. The exercises I learned in this class have eased my daily anxiety and introduced so many tools to my tool belt that will help my future self immensely."


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