Price: $200 for 8 classes

($25 a class- can pay as you go)

Start Date: June 2nd

End Date: June 25th

When: Every Tuesday &

Thursday in June

Time: 10:00 AM -12:00 PM

Costa Rica Time

Join me in June for this 8 class Chakra Workshop Series to deepen your knowledge and learn how to balance and transform your life.

The first class will be an overview of the energetic system, analyzing which Chakras are flowing and blocked in your body. The next 7 classes will be unique to each Chakra. Each 2 hour workshop will include lecture/theory, chanting, a fun activity or mental exercise, a physical Hatha yoga practice, speed journaling, and discussion with fellow students. Don't be surprised if we dance, sing, scream, cry, or create together. We will build a support system together and you will feel empowered to be the best version of you!

At the end of the month you will have a wealth of knowledge and the tools to balance and move your energy from your Root to your Crown Chakra, bringing alignment and high vibrations into your life!

Before the first class take the Chakra Quiz and email your results to flowwithamber@gmail.com


Wear the color of the Chakra we will be covering that day:

Tuesday, June 2nd: Overview- Color of your Least Balanced Chakra

Thursday, June 4th: Root- Red 

Tuesday, June 9th: Sacral- Orange

Thursday, June 11th: Solar Plexus-Yellow

Tuesday, June 16th: Heart- Green

Thursday, June 18th: Throat- Blue

Tuesday, June 23rd: Third Eye- Indigo/Purple

Thursday, June 25th: Crown- White

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